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Guan Gong Resists Cao Cao Guqiao Pavilion Dagu Mountain Huaxi building Ziyang Bridge Sanyuan hole
Yingjiang Temple
IntroductionYingjiang Temple, originally named "Ten Thousand Buddha Temple", was firstly built i
Mt. Si Kong
IntroductionMt. Si Kong, also named Si Kong Yuan, has an elevation of 1227 meters. The legend ha
Xiao Gu Mountain
IntroductionThe legend has it that Da Yu recorded the merit of water-control in the stone inscri
Zheng Feng Tower
IntroductionAlso named Wanfuo Tower, it was built in the second year (1568 AD) of Longqing Emper
Ancient city district of Tongcheng
Introduction:Ancient city district of Tongcheng is located in the east of Mt. Dabie, north of Ya
Tongcheng Confucian temple
Introduction:Tongcheng Confucian temple is the sites of buildings to memory Kongzi in Ming and Q
Mt. Dalongshan scenic areas
Introduction:Mt. Dalongshan scenic areas is located in Xiuyi district of Anqing city, which cove
Mt. Fu
Introduction:Mt. Fu also named Mt. Fudu, and is located in the southwest of Wanzhong, north of Y
Shiliandong National Forest Park
Introduction:Shiliandong National Forest Park is located in the suburb of Susong town which is t
Baiya stronghold
Introduction:Baiya mountain is located in Zhifeng town in the northwest of Susong county. And is
Hauting lake
Introduction:Huating lake is located in the south of Dabie mountain which is 4 kilometers away f
Nine well drain traveling scenic spot
Introduction:Nine well drain traveling scenic spot is located in Yikou town which is in the inte
Ling lake park
Introduction:Ling lake park is not o­nly the residential park but also the culture park. And
Tongcheng museum
Introduction:Tongcheng museum was firstly built in the year of 1984, is located in the Tongcheng
Baochong lake scenic spot
Introduction:The scenic spot has the fame of natural oxygen bar and small Guilin in Anqing. Wate
the resident of Daimingshi
Introduction:The resident of Dai mingshi is located in Qingshui village in Kongcheng town which
Danjiao Hall and Zuogong Temple
Introduction: The resident of Danjiao hall was firstly built in Ming dynasty. And the Zuogo
the resident of Deng shiru
Introduction:The resident of Deng Shiru is located in Bailin village in Wuheng town which belong
the Resident of Fang Yizhi
Introduction:The resident of Fang yizhi is located in the lane of Fengyili, was also named as Ti
The Resident of Fangbao
Introduction:Fengliyi is located in the Longmiandonglu in the urban area. Fangbao always lived h
Introduction:Gaochunjiuan is located in the Gongyuan road in the urban area. And is connected wi
lecture garden
Introduction:The lecture garden is located in Beidajie in the urban of Tongcheng. It is the form
Mt. Maodao
Introduction:Mt. Miaodao is located in the southwest of Yuexi town in Anhui province, with the a
Tong cheng school gallery
Introduction:Tongcheng School Gallery is located in Gaochunjixuan in Park Road. The gallery is t
The Art Showroom of Yan Fengying
Introduction:The art showroom of Yan Fengying is located in the backyard of Confucian temple of
Resident of Yao Ying
Introduction:The resident of Yao Ying is located in the temple lane in urban district. The ancie
Yuanpu temple
Introduction:Yuanpu temple is located in Wuheng couty in Yixiu district. Wuheng district is the
Resident of Zhu Guangqian
Introduction:The resident of Zhu guangqian is located in the west side of Tongcheng middle schoo